Ronin MX

This is DJI RONIN-MX handheld gimbal for camera stabilization.

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The Ronin-MX has been designed for use both in the sky and on the ground and communicates directly with the DJI A3 flight controller. The Ronin-MX can be mounted on the Matrice 600 in just minutes, so that you can easily go from shooting handheld to capturing footage from above.

The Ronin and Ronin-M are designed specifically for use on the ground and we do not recommend using them in the air.

The Ronin-MX includes all the functionality of the Ronin and Ronin-M, i.e. Three Operation Modes, built-in receiver and remote control, and is also compatible with DJI Assistant 2 and DJI GO, for controlling gimbal settings.


The Ronin-MX is able to handle high G-force environments and changes in acceleration and deceleration speeds (i.e. car racing) to create stable footage with preserved horizon. When flying, the Ronin-MX communicates directly with the DJI A3 Flight Controller and reacts immediately to the pilot’s inputs, so that it is always in sync with the platform’s movements. Furthermore, the motors of the Ronin-MX are stronger than on the Ronin and Ronin-M, making it more powerful and at the same time, reduces noise when filming.

  • Engineered for Professionals:

Cinematic film making demands rapid setup and a host of camera configurations. The Ronin-MX has been designed to carry many of the cameras used every day on sets worldwide, and SmoothTrack™ algorithms ensure movements are smooth in every configuration. A repositioned battery improves balance while stability is enhanced by a camera cage that locks mounted cameras in place at the top and at the bottom. Silent motors prevent on set mics picking up motor noise.

  • Powerful and Accurate:

Designed to resist high G-forces using powerful motors and IMUs, the Ronin-MX is engineered to maintain stability and hold horizon when mounted to an aircraft or a vehicle. When mounted to the M600 aerial system, it communicates directly with DJI’s flight controller, allowing it to stabilize actively for a smoother shot. 

  • Freedom to Move:

A slip ring allows the Ronin-MX to rotate 360° continuously when mounted to aircraft or vehicles, opening up more creative options. This is further enhanced by an increase in tilt axis range from 90° straight down and beyond to 135°. Popular features of the Ronin series such as the three modes of operation and SmoothTrack™ are also present, giving film makers a range of creative angles and movements.

  • Wireless Control and Transmission:

The Ronin-MX is compatible with Lightbridge 2, providing long-range HD video transmission from the air to the ground from up to 3.1miles (5km) away. If combined with the optional DJI Focus and Focus Expansion Module, focus or aperture can also be pulled remotely with a twist of the wrist. An optional Remote Start/Stop add-on provides the ability to control shooting on a range of airborne cameras.

  • Comprehensive App Control:

Using DJI Assistant and the dedicated Assistant app for iOS and Android allows complete customization of the Ronin-MX and its behavior. If connected to Lightbridge 2, the DJI GO app can be used to control how the M600 flies including Intelligent Flight Modes, remote control modes, move the gimbal and see an HD live feed from the camera.













Built-In Functions

Operation Modes

Underslung Mode

Upright Mode

Briefcase Mode

Aerial Mode

Jib or Wirecam Mode

Built-in, independent IMU module

DJI Specialized Gimbal Drive Motors with Encoders

Bluetooth Module

USB Connection

2.4GHz Receiver

Temperature Sensor

DJI Advanced 32-Bit DSP Processor

D-Bus Receiver Supported

Mechanical & Electrical Characteristics


Working Current

Static current: 300mA (@16V)

Dynamic current: 600mA (@16V)

Locked motor current: Max 10A (@16V)

Run Time

3 hours

Operating Temperature

5° F ~ 120° F (-15° C ~ 50° C)



Including handle bar: 6.11 lb (2.77 kg)

Including vibration absorber: 4.74 lb (2.15 kg)



Gimbal Dimensions

Excluding handle bar :

280 mm (W) x 370 mm (D)x 340 mm (H)

Including handle bar :

560 mm (W) x 370 mm (D) x 440 mm (H)




Camera Tray Dimensions

Maximum depth from the center of gravity on camera base plate: 120mm

Maximum height measured from top of camera base plate: 130mm

Maximum width: 160mm

Accessory Power Connections

12V Regulated P-Tap x 2, USB 500mW x 1, DJI Lightbridge x 1

GCU Input Power

4S Ronin-M Battery


2.4GHz Remote Controller, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0

PC Assistant Software Requirements

Windows XP or above; Mac OS X 10.9 or above

Mobile Assistant Software Requirements

iOS 7.1 or above; Android 4.3 or above

Working Performance

Load Weight (Reference Value)

10 lb (4.5 kg)

Angular Vibration Range

± 0.02°


Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed

Pan axis: 200°/s

Tilt axis: 100°/s

Roll axis: 30°/s


Mechanical Endpoint Range

Pan axis control: 360°

Tilt axis control: +270° to -150°

Roll axis control: ± 110°


Controlled Rotation Range

Pan axis control: 360°

Tilt axis control: +45° to -135°

Roll axis control: ± 25°